Property Owners

When you hire NHL Property Management, you are employing a team of qualified real estate professionals with over 35 years combined experience in managing residential rental properties. Our knowledge of the business will enable you to acquire qualified tenants, maintain above average occupancy levels and execute the best real estate investment strategy; thus enabling you to get the maximum return. Below are some of the ways we can make owning income-producing properties a breeze.



Owner Forms:

-New Client Introduction

-Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager




Whether you want us to help you prepare your rental property for lease, find a new tenant for vacant or existing property or manage your occupied property WE CAN HELP!


Rental Market Analysis, Evaluation, and Properties

- On site consultation

- Market analysis and price recommendation

- Evaluating need for repairs or improvements

- Arrange for completion of repairs and/or modifications, upon request

- Assist with City Certification, repairs, and inspections (fee)


Advertising and marketing

- Real Estate multi-listing, accessible to licensed agents with tenant prospects

- Automatic exposure from the multi-list to 30-50 additional websites

- Posting on "exclusive" rental property websites available to our company

- Photo advertisement in "Showcase of Homes" magazine until rented, with QR code


Qualify and Screen Prospective Tenants

- Show property to tenant prospects

- Determine tenant qualifications and compatibility

- Conduct credit report verifications

- Assist in tenant selection


Monitor and Maintain Your Property

- Contract for necessary repairs or maintenance (emergency and routine)

- Arrange for lawn care and snow removal, upon request

- Arrange for utility transfers during vacancies and move-outs

- Obtain confirmation of utility transfer at move-in

- Monitor water status quarterly and collect from tenant, when necessary


Accounting and Administration

- Collect monthly rent

- Collect late charges or other charges set forth in the lease

- Collect and hold security deposits

- Prepare and deliver monthly financial statement

- Owner portal for 24 access to detailed account information and tenant notes

- Prepare and deliver year-end statement


Legal Representation

- Prepare papers for court filings for no additional charge

- File for court hearing, when necessary

- Pursue tenant eviction, when needed

- Engage legal counsel to represent owner's best interest


Move In and Move Out

- Verify the accuracy of the inventory checklist

- Walk through with tenant at move-in and move-out

- Prepare the property for new occupant, at owner discretion

- Professional cleaning of the property, collected from tenant prior to occupancy

- Re-key the property